Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The verdict's in: "Scaddan has red hair!"

After months of deliberation, the truth can finally be revealed as to why Scaddan refuses to call Heath & Normy. It seems he has red hair.

This disturbing photo of Scaddan (above), was sent to The Heath & Normy Show by an undisclosed member of the public, angered by Scaddan's lack of diplomacy in putting the lads on air. As can be seen, the evidence is damning. Scaddan's blatantly 'cherry locks' are proudly displayed for all to see, as if he's preaching to the world that "people of coloured hair aren't welcome".

The shocking photograph was accompanied by a note that read: "Why aren't Heath & Normy on the radio? Red between the lines." It's impossible not to.

In what can only be described as a racially motivated attack against the up and coming comedy duo, Normy had this to say: "It's sad really. To think that even in 2009, with Obama as US president and all, that people like the 'Scadd man' still hold the colour of someone's hair against them. I'm lost for words. It's like the Baton Rouge all over again."

Even his outspoken sidekick, Heath, was unusually melancholy in his statement: "Look, if Scaddan and his magic lamp want to try and rub me the wrong way, he won't succeed. The extra-extra-white man can't keep me down! I'm seeing red over this. Literally."

After this unprovoked assault on the brothers of humour, they're left wondering where to from here. And unless Just For Men releases a 'Ruby Tuesday' colour variety soon, they may be left looking for a shift at the more ethnically accepting AM stations.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What are you doing?

For all those with a little too much time on their hands, good news!

You can now keep a tab on Heath and Normy's daily nonsense at

Those twits really do have too much time on their hands...

Channeling the humour.

Why not pump your ear holes full of laughs at Heath and Normy's official YouTube channel?

For all their latest videos, on-air highlights and defamation lawsuit evidence, just go to:

New kids on the blog.

It's with delight to announce that Heath and Normy (pictured)* are now officially online!

This couldn't have been achieved without the love and support of those close to them. A special thanks must go out to their friends, family and of course, their mentor, Chris Scaddan.

His refusal to ring them back, put them on JJJ or even speak to them, has led to an outpouring of public humour directed straight back at Scaddan's melon. Good on you Scadds, you old scallywag.

To all Heath and Normy's fans out there, namely their mothers, we hope this blog brings a smile to your dial.


*As the publicist for The H&N Show, I hold no accountability for the picture used in this article. It was sent to me in an email from Heath, entitled: "I found this picture of Normy & I on the Internet. Use it or join the queue at Centrelink."